CFL Christmas Newsletter

Christmas Closures

As most companies are looking to close down over the Christmas and New Year period please remember the following important points regarding your shipments during this time, 

Documentation for Shipments

Its vitally important that we are provided with paperwork needed for any import shipments that are due to arrive in late December and early January, so that we can arrange the clearance and manage the shipment while you’re closed. Otherwise extensive storage and detention charges could be incurred.

Cash Flow

Unfortunately we only have limited financial resources and to avoid having your shipment delayed and possible additional charges incurred, we would kindly request that any invoices falling due over this period be paid prior to your closing for Christmas.    

Shipments arriving over Christmas and the New Year:

Vessels continue to be delayed and arrive late, many shipments that were planned to arrive in early December are now not arriving until late December or early January. Unfortunately, there’s not much that anyone can do about this, as shipping is still very difficult and unpredictable with many delays and port omissions occurring globally. Therefore, please be aware that you may have shipments arriving while you’re closed, and you may need to look at making any possible contingency plans for deliveries during this time to try and avoid very expensive storage and detention charges that may be applicable.

Transport companies forced to collect cargo over the holiday period from 12 noon on the 24th to the 3rd of Jan inclusive, will be passing on staging costs to cover the holiday wages/ double handing over this period.

Note over the 11 day period from 12 noon 24 DEC to 3 JAN  there are only 3 normal working days – yet terminal storage & shipping line detention clocks keep ticking.  

Click here to see a document with each shipping lines container detention policy over the holiday period 

If you haven’t advised your office and warehouse closing time please click here and complete details.

Merry Christmas

Lastly, the staff of Commercial Freight and Logistics would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families all the very best for the festive season and we’re all hoping for a much brighter 2022 for everyone