China Update


The port of Ningbo in China, the 3rd largest port in the world, has been partially shut-down due to an outbreak of COVID-19 with a worker at one of the terminals testing positive. As a result, the Health Authorities in China have ordered the Meishan Terminal in Ningbo to suspend its port operations until further notice. This latest shutdown will have massive flow on effects for shipping from Northern China, as there’s already a huge volume of ships being held at anchor outside Ningbo waiting for space to berth, with this current closure some carriers will have no alternative but to omit this port.

This comes after both Ningbo and Shanghai ports were already struggling to keep up after being hit hard by a typhoon late last month and this latest set back could cause delays of up to several weeks for some vessels. China, like many other counties has been impacted by renewed outbreaks of COVID-19 and there are lockdowns, increased restrictions, staff shortages and factory closures occurring in many areas of the country, which are all having an effect and delaying the movement of cargo.

There are also restrictions on vessels arriving in China and if they’ve previously berthed in India or performed a crew change in the last 14 days, then these vessels need to quarantine for 14 to 28 days, which further adds to the already long delays being incurred with shipping.


On top of all these delays and disruptions with shipping, the rates just continue to rise with increases and surcharges being implemented on a regular basis.

We’ve included the below link to a recent article to let you know what the impact of these rate increases is having on the shipping lines.  

Maersk Reports Record Earnings

Sorry to have to continually pass on bad news and unfortunately, we still can’t see any real end in sight to all these global shipping issues affecting everyone.

Please contact your local CFL person if you have any questions or if you need any specific information relating to your shipments.