December 2023 Newsletter

Merry Christmas and welcome to our December newsletter

Christmas Closures 

As everyone is looking to close down over the Christmas and New Year period, please remember these below important points regarding your shipments during this holiday period,

Documentation for imports
Its vitally important that we’re provided with paperwork needed for any import shipments that are due to arrive in late December and early January, so that we can arrange the clearance and manage the shipment while you’re closed. Otherwise extensive wharf or depot storage charges could be incurred as well as expensive container detention fees etc.

Cash flow
Unfortunately we only have limited financial resources and to avoid having your shipment delayed and possible additional charges incurred, we would kindly request that any invoices falling due over this period be paid prior to your closing for this holiday period. 

Shipments arriving over Christmas and the New Year
At this stage vessels are continuing to be delayed and arrive very late with many shipments that were planned to arrive in early December or even November, now not arriving until mid to late December or even in January. Unfortunately there’s really very little that anyone can do about this, as the majority of the ports here in Australia have been heavily impacted by the ongoing Industrial action that started back in October at DP World. These delays have caused havoc with shipping to Australia with some vessels being weeks late due to congestion from very slow turnaround times in port.

Due to these delays, we strongly suggest that customers look at any possible contingency plans for any shipments that may arrive and become available during this period. It’s unlikely that the shipping lines or depots will offer any leniency or exceptions on their detention or storage fees, so it might be a commercially viable option to have a contingency plan in place to receive deliveries and avoid any unnecessary additional costs.

Chinese New Year holiday in 2024

We also wanted to let you know that most of China will be closed in early February next year, as the official dates for the Chinese New Year holiday is from the 10th to the 17th February. This is just an early warning of this holiday period in China, as we’ve already heard that some factories are possibly looking at closing for several weeks around this time due to the ongoing decline in world trade. Therefore, it might be worth checking with your suppliers in China as to what their plans are for this holiday period, just so that you can make your shipping plans accordingly.  

More Stevedore Terminal Access Charge Increases

A reminder that Stevedore Terminal Access Charges will increase again in the new year.

  • VICT are increasing from the 1st of January 2024
  • DP World are increasing from the 1st of February 2024

Merry Christmas

Lastly, the staff of Commercial Freight and Logistics would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families all the very best for the festive season and we hope you have a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year.