Freight Forwarder of the Year 2021 – WINNER

L-R: Mike Daniels – Suzanne Cutts – Jessica Declauzel – Bethany O’Brien – Richard Wilson – Mike Parker – Dean McMillan

On Thursday 17th February we won Freight Forwarder of the Year 2021, at the DCN Australian Shipping & Maritime Industry Awards.

With many hundreds of Freight Forwarders operating in Australia, to come out on top is an amazing achievement.

Wholehearted thanks goes to all of our wonderful clients, and to everyone who nominated us.

We’re grateful that so many of our clients appreciate the unwavering commitment and dedication that our team provides day in day out, particularly during the last two COVID years.

Early in 2020 when most were fearing how the COVID virus may affect us, many businesses made panic, fear-based decisions. At CFL we didn’t. All staff were retained, wages weren’t cut, and we didn’t put anyone on a four day week. So as a result, when shipment volumes picked up in the middle of 2020, we were in a very strong position to care for our clients and handle the high cargo volumes that were to come.

Our owners also made some key decisions in recent years, which allowed us to work through the pandemic lockdowns and isolations, without any drop in service levels.

Huge recognition must go to our owners and the amazing team we have, because they ‘are’ truly great at what they do.

To see the many, many, wonderful nominations for this award received from clients was humbling, particularly with so many factors that are out of our hands causing shipments to be delayed. And to see the degree of appreciation and respect our clients have for the work we do for them, was just amazing.