Protected Industrial Action at DP World Terminals

Protected Industrial Action at DP World Terminals

On the 6th of October, the CFMEU-MUA Division (Maritime Union of Australia) commenced industrial action at DP World terminals across the country and further stoppages are planned to continue at this stage:

The industrial action is being taken as a result of a breakdown in negotiations on a new Enterprise Bargaining Agreement that’s been under negotiations for quite some time already.

Work bans and work stoppages (in some cases for the full 24hrs) have been occurring at the DP World terminals in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Fremantle with further disruptions planned in the coming weeks.   

As a result of this this Industrial action by the Union, vessels are taking up to 7-8 days to offload, up from the usual 2 days and this is affecting all vessel arrival times now. These delays are already having an impact on sailing schedules and port rotations, as vessels are being caught up in long delays here, thus making them late on their return voyage. Therefore, carriers are starting to look for ways that they can try and minimise these delays for their vessels and they may start omitting ports and changing schedules resulting in many arrival dates changing with little or no notice being given.

Hopefully this dispute will be resolved very soon, but in the meantime, we’ll continue to closely monitor this situation and update you on vessel movements as best we can based on the information available at the time.