BMSB Exemptions Effective 1 Dec 2018

Please find notice below that we have received from FTA regarding BMSB exemptions for certain goods manufactured after the 1st of December 2018

For Further information please contact your local CFL contact
Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA) has received the below information regarding certain goods manufactured on and after the 1 December 2018 being exempt from BMSB seasonal measures.

As per the seasonal measures to manage the risk of Brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB), there are some conditions where goods may be exempt from the BMSB requirements.

Goods that are manufactured on or after 1 December 2018 may be exempt from the seasonal measures providing they meet the following requirements:

• The goods are manufactured on or after 1 December 2018

• The goods are classed as new machinery, vehicles, vessels and/or new complex parts and equipment. This includes goods classified under the following tariff chapters only: 82, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88 and 89.

• Evidence can be provided to show that the goods are manufactured on or after 1 December 2018. (Evidence can be in various forms such as a manufacturer’s declaration, commercial invoice)

• A declaration can be provided stating the goods are new, unused and not field tested.

• The goods can be verified they have been manufactured on or after 1 December 2018 (Evidence can be supported by labelling on the goods)

BMSB measures will not apply if all the above conditions can be met. The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources  has applied this policy for previous BMSB seasonal measures. The general policy for this requirement is that ‘a good is only considered to be manufactured on or after 1 December 2018 if all its large, complex components have also been manufactured after 1 December 2018’. This means that any goods that require a significant period to manufacture are not in scope to be exempt from the BMSB measures.

To assist in clarifying this, we understand that the department will be amending their webpage to reflect the additional statement.

Paul Zalai – FTA / APSA