Khapra Beetle – New Biosecurity Measures in Place

As the end of the BMSB (Brown Marmorated Stink Bug) season gets closer, which ends for any shipments that arrive after the 31st May, there’s now a new threat to our grain industry that the Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment are targeting. Please note the below new measures that have come into effect to help protect against the threat of Khapra Beetle, as this is a destructive pest that can reproduce rapidly in stored products under hot conditions and is a significant biosecurity risk to Australia.

Hopefully this won’t affect too many of our customers, as these new measures will only be applicable for high-risk plant products from certain countries in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and some parts of Europe. If a container is loaded with a high-risk plant product in a target risk country, it will need to be appropriately treated offshore within 21 days of it being exported or if other goods are packed into a container in a target risk country and is destined for a delivery to a rural grain growing area, then this will also require treatment prior to export.

Below is a full list of the target risk countries as well as some links to the department’s web site for more specific information on this matter – 

Khapra Beetle Urgent Action
Khapra Beetle Phases

Khapra Beetle Pest Bulletin

Khapra beetle – Target Risk Countries   

Afghanistan                              Israel                        Saudi Arabia
Albania                                       Kuwait                     Senegal
Algeria                                        Lebanin                    Somalia

Bangladesh                                Libya                         South Sudan
Benin                                           Mali                           Sri Lanka

Burkina Faso                             Mauritania                Sudan
Ivory Coast                                Morocco                     Syrian Arab Republic
Cyprus                                         Myanmar                  Timor-Leste
Egypt                                           Nepal                          Tunisia
Ghana                                         Niger                           Turkey

Greece                                         Nigeria                       United Arab Emirates
India                                            Oman                          Yemen
Iran, Islamic Republic of        Pakistan
Iraq                                              Qatar