September 2023 Newsletter

Welcome to our September 2023 Newsletter

Qantas Cargo Terminals

Qantas switched over to a new integrated operating system on the 24th of September for all their cargo operations. Unfortunately, this change over to their new system hasn’t gone well and major delays are being experienced in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. At this stage, we’re finding that there’s still cargo that arrived last weekend that hasn’t been processed as yet and we’re also being advised of extremely long delays being encountered when trying to collect cargo that is available.

Therefore, we just wanted to advise you of potential delays and possible additional costs for cargo moving through the Qantas Cargo terminals. We’re hoping that these issues will be resolved soon, but there’s expected to be a large backlog of freight to be processed once this situation is resolved, and as more cargo continues to arrive each day.
The only good news is that these delays are only occurring at Qantas terminals and both DNATA and Menzies cargo operations are not affected.  

Please contact your usual CFL rep if you need any further information on this matter.

Golden Week Holiday blank sailings

We just wanted to advise you that there’s a strong possibility of shipments from China being rolled and delayed by the carriers for the next few weeks.

Due to the long shut down in China for the Golden week holiday, most carriers have declared on going blank sailings over the next few weeks due to the expected drop in cargo volumes.

It’s expected that this will cause many shipments to be rolled with vessels not departing each week and there could even be further delays if the vessels end up being at full capacity and over booked. We’ve also been advised that some services may go via Singapore (which is already very congested) and tranship to Australia as the carriers try and manage this situation in the next few weeks.